Home Sweet Home

Vol. I No. 3 - SPRING 1989

By: JoAnn Holmes, House Tour Chair

There’s nothing like a house tour to show off a neighborhood. And EHS intends to show off a little of Edgewater with a lot of style come September 1989.

A meeting to discuss and organize EHS’s first fall house tour was held on January 14. Although only seven people attended, the great ideas suggested made for a very productive session.

The tour will be held, tentatively, on Sunday, September 17, from noon until 5:00 p.m., and will include five houses. We will either concentrate exclusively on one area (e.g., EPIC, BARGE, NET or Edgewater Glen) or work a combination of two or three of these areas if chosen homes are within reasonable walking distance of each other.

Immanuel Lutheran Church, on Elmdale and Greenview, which celebrated its 135th anniversary last year, has graciously offered to serve as the starting point for the tour.

Several lovely homes have been suggested, but we would much prefer being able to choose from a greater number of houses with character, history and differing styles of architecture. If you live in one of the areas previously mentioned and can volunteer your home, or part of it, or suggest the house of a neighbor, please call me as soon as possible. Please.

The homes on the tour do not have to be “finished.” It would be just as interesting to show visitors some before as well as after rehab work. Many guests will come to learn about what has to be done to get a room to the completion stage. They’ll want to see what you had to work with. They may need hints on how to tackle the specific problems of their old houses. Or they may be able to give you suggestions; after all, September 17 is Citizenship Day!

Our committee chairpersons are set to go, but they can’t go far until the houses are obtained for the tour!

This is going to be a fun excursion and we will all benefit from the tour. We are a brand new historical group and the most exciting part of that experience is learning from one another in our neighborhood. The house walk is a grand opportunity for us to get better acquainted with who we are and where our homes come from. The money spent on the house tour will be well worth the pleasure of seeing our neighbors’ homes. The money raised will help fund future EHS activities.

There is so much history, great history here. Join us and learn. Be a part of Edgewater.