Generally Speaking...

Vol. I No. 2 - WINTER 1988

Those who missed the September 24 EHS General Meeting missed a lot of fun and some very interesting displays. After tending to business matters, attendees attacked piles of photographs donated to the society by Lerner Newspapers. To parody a song from The Music Man, it was "pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little, sort, sort, sort, talk a lot, pick a little more." Attendees were also treated to three special displays.

Gregg Mann exhibited 25 of his hand-drawn sketches of homes and photographic close-ups of architectural detail on churches, apartment buildings, banks, houses, schools, the Armory and nursing homes in Edgewater.

Kathy Gemperle whetted our appetites for the upcoming Dawn to Dusk exhibit with a collage display of news articles and photos on Edgewater parks.

Not to be outdone, Kathy’s daughter, Francine Gemperle, shared with us her March 1988 entry in the Chicago Metro History Fair – Julius Huber, Edgewater Architect, 1873-1939. Her exhibit contained researched information as well as photographs of Huber’s eclectic architectural style.

See what you missed! Now go to your calendar and mark down the date of the next General Meeting, Saturday, March 25, 1989. That’s also our first ANNUAL meeting, at which elections will be held. Please plan to come.